Easter Sunday

Easter Eggs If you travel Fringed Hill in New Zealand fair Take care for fragile eggs grow there. They are not laid, or set or placed. They grew from mycological lace. It runs ‘neath the ground, in threads microscopic Until its fruiting body becomes periscopic Popping out of the ground brown and round till it […]

Bacter-Bactri-Bactra-Two-Humped Camel

If you ever see a silhouette on the Gobi vista, It may be the envy of every fashionista – With eyelash thick and lush with nary a mascara, To keep the sun and sand away from its sclera. The Bactrian is a champion of mammalian survival, In the rocky desert, defeating every trial. A needle, […]


(To the tune of Lorde’s Royals – I might do a video as it’s hard to read it) A Cnidarian colonial Existing with motility sessile The reef is quite baronial For all the creatures in which to nestle Such as the sponges, clownfish, purple nudibranches – Turtles, urchins, zooxanthelae patches. They don’t care – it’s […]

Pangolin Sandwich

Some choose to dine in a life of fine living and exotic meat – Is the life of Pangolins worth only a tasty treat? Let us document with vigor, in rigorous alliance To determine the flavor of one through double-blinded science! Our goal is narrow, simple, clear – are pangolins delicious? Accompanied with wine or […]

Whale Fall

A journey of  slow descent to the ocean floor. Does it begin as the spirit leaves? Will it’s family miss Now it’s gone? Falling Slowly toward The Abyss Calling A banquet Into Session. Darkness Grows Darker As Water Grows Deeper All In One Piece Since Death Came In Peace The Slow Progression Of Bodies In […]

Introvert Orangutan

He’s the “man of the forest,” alone in the trees With a bearded visage and short reaching knees. An arboreal lifestyle, shy, what a pity. Oh long-armed friend, won’t you come to the city? You say forest only, I’m not convinced on that thought. You’re too anti-social, I think it best you ought To give […]

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Do you desire a primate? I’ll give you a thriller! The Western Gorilla gorilla gorilla! An ape so bold they named it threefold! Intelligent, friendly, and a heart built of gold. The primate enjoys families of a dozen With behavior close to it’s more upright cousin. Found in Congo, Guinea, and even Gabon Angola, Cameroon, […]