It’s not necessary to corn your own beef – It’s not hard, but will save you some grief To pick it up from a reputable delicatessen. Having them slice it on site will lessen The work load when you are home Giving you time to stop and comb The grocery shelves for fine sauerkraut Which […]

The End

Twenty-Nine lifeforms described to the ether – Are they gone already, or are they still there? Out in the wild, the ocean, the ice Suffering due to humanity’s vice. Why should humanity wonder On ways to prevent non-humanity to suffer? To sit in deep warmth snug in a house Why care about the Alabama Beach […]

Brazilian GuitarFish

Out to fish Many fish Overfish Guitar Fish You cannot play it. But what fun to say it. It looks like a skate. Also similar in weight. Say! This fish is not doing so great! The females get catched Before eggs lay or hatch. None are sad And none are glad But all are doing […]


Woodpeckers with ivory bills Tapped trees in the southerly hills But a sighting is rare We aren’t sure it’s there – It would give avid birders a chill! It projects a long tongue from its mouth And eats too many insects to count As it drills into the trees Making holes with great ease A […]