I went swimming today.  The OSU locker room is the typical maze I’ve come to expect from my locker rooms.  What surprised me was instead of solely community showers there were also individual stalls.  That’s crazy to me. It’s been kind of a macho thing from my experience to be able to walk naked amongst […]

Ded Jimmy Gets a Haircut

This is an almost-finished poem for my poetry book “Ded Jimmy: Poems with Illy-strations.” The drawings turned out well, especially with the barber. The poem itself is still being reworked. Please feel free to comment on your impression of it as a whole. I can’t format it right with the pictures full size, so you’ll […]

Off My Chest

I’d like to talk to all you old people out there.  I enjoy your long stories.  Several are quite entertaining.  But something bothers me. Programming VCRs.  First of all, complaining that you cannot program a VCR is not funny.  VCRs are things unused by most.  Many youngish folks will say “What’s that?” to your attempt […]