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April Poem #16

The aliens came today.
We were surprised
as they brought us
a message of peace
and love and then
told us how it would happen.

Our lives were wrong,
they said.
We must live like they did
and then used force to
show us.
For your own good they said.
We want to help
they said.

Help from them I cannot
need or want
So I held my head high
and they said it
would be better if
I didn’t.

But I stood against
and as I saw the crater
in my chest
My last words were
“Go back to Earth.”

Bonus Poem

Today at Poetic Asides, LeeBee has us writing an insult poem.  I’ve already done this.  I still will write a new poem, but I felt compelled to post this poem as well.

With a crooked nose and big brown teeth
Cauliflower ears and fat like a wreath
Around your middle, Boy you’re chunky.
And your face reminds me a lot of a monkey.
A paper bag would go well with that noodle!
And you smell like an accident left by a poodle.
No one will love you, not even a nun
Except for me, for you are my son.

April Poem #14

How the Dog Behaves

With his fur across
the blanket but he remains unseen
I know he’s up to something
My senses are quite keen.

There lay a trail of litter
from the front room to the back
the kitchen is filthy now
the trash can has no sack.

It’s at the feet of Grendel,
the monster of my house.
Food left out trembles like
the settling of a house.

He’ll sniff it out.  He’ll find it.
With him there is no doubt
And he’ll nose at your hand after
with a still greasy smelly snout.

So help me I will pet him,
my anger will be gone
For I know the poor boy
cannot stand to be gone from food for long.

April Poem #13

LeeBee has us writing a poem based on a song.  I chose my favorite song.  By Dispatch.

Elias – Dispatch

They sit with hope
It shines in their eyes
at every desk
at every corner.

The hope shines long
as they hear of heroes pasts
and lives not their own
and people who care.

They look at now
not thinking of then
or before
But what comes now.



Cthulu is greasy.
Cthulu smells poor.
If Cthulu is startled
He pees on the floor.
Uncle Grimm will yell
at the top of his lungs:
“Boy, grab a mop!
Your beast has begun
to filth up the house!
Get him outside!”

Then, young Jimmy and Cthulu will go out and hide
and play seek the other amongst nettles and thorns,
Tall creepy trees, and little fly traps
which nibble at knees.

Cthulu is cuddly.
Cthulu is small.
Compared to Cthulu, Ded Jimmy’s quite tall.
Best friends they are, quite emphasizing
The best pets are those who enjoy terrorizing.

For the previous poem posted, see: Ded Jimmy Gets a Haircut

Ramblings of a Genius or What to Read?

Well, it’s that time in my life again. I am having trouble finding something to read. I am currently looking at some books, but not really reading them. After blazing through the Percy Jackson books – new one in May! – and a few others, it just hasn’t been rolling.

I read Be Cool by Elmore Leonard a week or so ago and really enjoyed it. A month ago, actually. Elmore Leonard was first brought to my attention about a year ago by a guy who described him as a “guilty pleasure.” I really find Leonard to be a very good writer, though. He doesn’t waste language. Why then, don’t I read more of his work? Meh. I don’t know.

I am looking at Gulliver’s Travels, another book about talking to kids, The Portable MFA, a book on nature crafts, and a few others. I read the first book in the Underland chronicles. It was a bit boring but a kid at Skyline assures me they get more exciting. I’m on a non-fiction kick I think. So I should probably get a good non-fiction book. But what to get? I find it harder to get a good non-fiction. Perhaps Nickel and Dimed will be a good choice. Can you believe I haven’t read it yet?

In other news, writing is continuing. Not a lot. I am happy that I’ve kept up with the April poetry. Unfortunately, most of the poems are written around 11:30 when I say to myself: “Dang! I haven’t written my poem today!” So, we’ll see what happens.

Later this week (I hope) I’ll post a Ded Jimmy poem with illy-strations. “Cthulu” is a poem about Ded Jimmy’s pet. Named “Cthulu.” I enjoy this stuff because it’s fun. Which is what writing should be.

Speaking of the fun of writing and Elmore Leonard: He has published a book called Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing or something like that. It’s a pretty good breakdown of ten good guidelines for writing. The ones people break all the time.

I have been a bit active on Critique Circle, a website for critiquing, and it is not as good as it could be. I haven’t really been earning respect, though. I need to be on their more, I suppose. I keep getting critiques that are good – but the same as my college classes. On the other side of the coin, I haven’t really submitted a rough draft for anything. So that’s that.

Which leads me to Elmore’s rules. People break ’em all the time. And not in a good way. Writers are so full of language, it’s crazy. Writers need to be more efficient with language – myself included.

I have some thoughts on movies.  But I think I’ll do another post for that.

April Poem #11


At first there was freedom
the speed and the wheel
coasting along giving thrill after thrill.

Now it owns me with its payments and gas
and I cannot stand it or it’s brothers I pass.

At first it was work
driving the chain
I felt no speed at all
I pedaled in vain
But now I can see
what I missed long before
I drop it I leave it
I park at the store
and walk right in and out.
I love the old girl.
Life is much better
when your legs give a whirl.