So You Can’t Eat Gluten

I am spoiled.

Not only can I consume gluten, I love the results. It is a privilege.

You, however, may not be able to digest gluten. This is more than discomfort – it’s health. People with celiac’s or similar conditions can get very sick when eating gluten.

Gluten-free products can feel dense, dry, or gross. Gross bread? Who wants that?

Not me.

Luckily, you have options. Modern science has fused with modern baking so we can all enjoy fresh-baked bread.

It is worth the time to look for quality gluten-free flour. Often, this bread gets mixed with some flax or similar food to up the fiber. A little almond meal or dry milk powder provides some protein that doesn’t glutenify.

Instead of yeast, many gluten-free breads will use baking soda and powder for leavening. These bubbles form during baking, which can mitigate the lack of a protein network.

Some flour is stripped of gluten-causing protein, which calls for the addition of xantham gum. If you like control over your baking, purchasing a flour without xantham means you add it.

“An extra step?” you might be saying. “Bogus!”

But the added control is very nice. You will be able to experiment more and achieve a loaf YOU like.

See, that’s what you would do with gluten bread, as well.

However, gluten-free flour is a wholly different substance from gluten flour. It involves different plants, starches, and the like.

They can’t be substituted.

If you love baking, and you are learning to be gluten-free, I am very much not the person to guide you. However, I do think its important to know there ARE plenty of resources out there.

My champion King Arthur has a great tips for gluten free flour. My favorite celebrity cook, Alton Brown, has some good cookies.

Gluten is part of my world, but it’s not part of everyone’s. I wanted to make sure that was out there.

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