Enrich Yourself

If you know a little bit about eggs and sugar and things, you can tell a bit more about your bread. Bread is usually not flour, salt, yeast, and water.

Why would you leave a perfectly good dough alone?

I guess some people use a little oil on the outside at times. Still, I prefer my bread “lean.” This is an actual term because “bread” was apparently not good enough.

If you knead really well, and then start mixing in quite a bit of butter, you can get a brioche. The butter about 30% of the flour. You also add a few eggs.

What you have to do is proof the yeast in this case, too. It needs a little extra help. Trust me.

The extra fat and a little sugar makes it a bit easier to shape. This is how you get donuts, as previously mentioned. It’s also how you might get a challah.

Enriched dough is pretty good for plaited loaves. It holds it’s shape well, so you can make the long cords needed.

If you are a British Baking Show fan, you know what I’m talking about. One thing that makes it so hard is not the plaiting – it’s making sure the dough rises properly with the extra fat, etc.

My favorite enriched dough is pizza crust. I do about a 70% hydration, 1% Salt, 2% yeast (that might be backward) and then some Olive Oil. Only a few tablespoons to the dough, the rest in the pan.

The oil in the pan prevents sticking, but it also seeps into the dough during cooking which causes it to fry a bit.

It’s delicious!

If you are going to make any bread other than sourdough or normal bread, I would highly suggest you get your pizza crust game nice and strong.

Your family will thank you.



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