Bread Comes in Shapes

Loaves can get a bit boring and they also can sound a bit like bathroom code.

Your fanciest loaves might get pinched stolen as well!

There’s a lot of great stuff you can make with bread. It’s like an edible clay! Not just the loaves and boules of yesterday – but interesting things. For example, you can make soft pretzels. Bagels. Even yeasty donuts are bread related.

Let’s stick to the yeastilogical arts, here.

Pretzels and bagels CAN honestly be made with the same good old fashioned bread ratio! It works!

The major difference is a thinner, but chewy crust. You do this with bagels by boiling in slightly sweetened water.

Pretzels get to “lye” down. Ha ha! No, they get bathed in lye, it’s very dangerous. I really only use baking soda at home.

Pretzels get rolled out and knotted. Bagels start as little boules and you poke the hole through with your hand. It’s quite a lot of fun.

Donuts are a bit harder. Bagels and Pretzels do work a bit better with some enrichment (adding eggs or milk or things that aren’t flour, salt, water, or yeast). Donuts need it.

The extras make the dough less chewy.

Donuts also benefit from softer AP flour. Less gluten.

Donuts aren’t shaped. You cut them out. They are very fun to make because when they are done, you have donuts you can eat.

The hardest thing about making donuts is using a deep fryer. Deep fryers aren’t that hard to use, but they are hard to clean.

Sometimes, I’ll make donuts and pan-fry them. But there is still quite a lot of oil that is needed to make sure the dough all gets golden-brown. Then, you get to coat them in cinnamon and sugar! (Or whatever you like)

Pretzels need their salt (or what you like) before baking. Bagels, too. Donuts benefit from a little bit more last minute.

Sweetening your bread game is always a good idea.

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