Well, What About Some Butter?

Boy, I do like jam.

Yes, butter is nice. Melty, savory butter, keeping my bread from getting to soggy. A bit of jam, though.

That’s pretty darn good.

Of course, I mean any jam, spread, fruit putter, preserve, jelly, or various spreadable. There’s an awful lot of taxonomy that gets thrown around.

It’s okay to ignore it.

What you do is, you take a bunch of fruit and take out all the bits you don’t want to eat. Stems and leaves are about all I won’t eat, which is why I’m more of a jam guy.

Cook it, mash it, add a bunch of sugar, and you’ve got jam. It’s easy to can, easy to freeze. Easy to take out and put on toast.

Strawberry is one of my favorites, but I’m also partial to cherry.

For jellies, I stick to smaller fruits. Fruits I don’t care to eat around. Blackberries are good for jelly – I don’t like the seeds.

Currants are a beautiful jelly. It is translucent and red and a bit tart. Very nice on a variety of toasts.

If I’m feeling bearish, I’ll have a swipe of marmalade. Citrus is not my favored fruit in these terms, but a zingy marmalade can be quite nice every once in a while.

Bread is such an interesting product, in its benefit of being cooked twice. Toast is a tasty treat.

And butter and jam are quite good on it.

What I like to do is take a thin layer of butter, and let it melt a bit. Sometimes I melt it in a pan and put the bread on top.

The jam can be a bit thicker, than. A thick layer of fruit jam is even tastier. Be careful not to knock the jar onto the floor, though.

That’s a sticky situation, indeed.

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