National Poetry Month Day One!

Hi, everyone! It’s April 2020 and National Poetry Month! I had a lot of fun with endangered species poems last year – this year I still haven’t picked a topic! But, I still plan on doing a poem a day. No illustrations today – it’s been very busy at work!

This is a poem about the modern state of poetry. I enjoy many modern, new poems, but there is a dubious trend to many of them.

Modern poems
Pored over
Long hours
Are only
And I also wrote a poem about making caramel turtles.
Pecans taken raw
Doused into caramel
(Cooked from
milk condensed)
Spooned upon the pan
Chocolate melted
(in the usual way)
Drizzled onto sweet terrapins.
(But not right away).
And so. I hope you will check in daily to these quick poems.


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