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Poetry – Day Nine

There has been no lightning strike, no set of inspiration this year. I haven’t felt the time or love necessary to rhyme. It’s a troubling time this year. But I will still give it a shot!


“Welcome to Michigan.”
I was born here.
I’ll likely die.
I know there was a blizzard
(in ’76).
I’ve worn long johns
And shorts
On the same day.

Snow in April
Is still unwanted.
Your superiority complex
Makes it worse.

An Arena

And in this arena I lay
And stand again.
Face dust-covered
Sweat like rivers
Heart pounding.
Waiting again to be laid down
(Knocked down)
And stand again.
Tears wipe flesh clean
Rivers flash below my eyes.
To stand
And stand
Not for worthy cause-
But to stay down-
The unthinkable attraction.
So I stand
And fight
And fall
Always remembering
This is not the only arena.


Pop bang pop!
The grains fluff up
Covered in butter
To taste like no other.

Nestled on the sofa together
The window dark in rainy weather
My head in your lap
I could take a nap
But for the aroma of corn and butter.

I was young then
The bowl big as me
Hand diving in
And out with glee.

And though you are gone
The snack is still here
To make for my children
In their early years.


What a cool thing – a friend from High School, Rob, has started sharing some of his own poetry on his blog.

I do make fun of modern poetry, but I really do love poetry quite a bit. It gets a rough reputation thanks to analyzation and similar. But it is challenging to find a better way to express raw emotion through word. Also, it’s fun. Obviously, I have a preference for rhyming.

Anyway, Rob is a good guy who writes some nice poems. He’s a cyclist and has some kids and a wife and a good perspective on life. Check it out!

National Poetry Month Day Three


It’s banal, uninspired.
To point toward the unwired.
Despite a lack of a new angle
We still love to hate the black rectangle.

Bezels and cases try to disguise
But can’t hide what we love to despise
A pocket-placed brain secondary
Shifting our status always to “wary.”

Promised connection, proved to be phony
Instead casting the world toward feeling lonely
Distracted, depressed, minds thrown into tangle
Saving up for more of these black rectangles.

Phones, amirite? It’s pretty hard to jump into poetry without having poeted for a while!


National Poetry Month Day Two!

Just freepoeming here.

Dragonflies are weird.
How do they molt?
They’re not to be feared
But what’s going on
Inside sounds queer
(Not pejorative, but
The proper term)
It’s been a while since I learned
How they do it!
They’re inside their own skin
Which they then leave
When they climb out of the rim
Of the pond
(Or the lake)
They started from.
What’s going on inside that skin?
Does the dragonfly know
There’s a change in him?
That his skin will be burst
He’ll pop into the sun?
Think of that, everyone!

(The next time you see a dragon fly)


National Poetry Month Day One!

Hi, everyone! It’s April 2020 and National Poetry Month! I had a lot of fun with endangered species poems last year – this year I still haven’t picked a topic! But, I still plan on doing a poem a day. No illustrations today – it’s been very busy at work!

This is a poem about the modern state of poetry. I enjoy many modern, new poems, but there is a dubious trend to many of them.

Modern poems
Pored over
Long hours
Are only
And I also wrote a poem about making caramel turtles.
Pecans taken raw
Doused into caramel
(Cooked from
milk condensed)
Spooned upon the pan
Chocolate melted
(in the usual way)
Drizzled onto sweet terrapins.
(But not right away).
And so. I hope you will check in daily to these quick poems.