Diet Chili

When I lost my weight, one thing that helped was making sure I meal planned. This is very boring, but much easier if you just plan on eating the same food over and over again. One dish that was very, very helpful was what I dubbed Diet Chili. It was cribbed wholesale from an Abs Diet cookbook. I ate this for lunch every day for about a month. It was a huge help!

Basically, you take a pound of ground turkey – get the lean stuff, because you drain it either way – and fry it up. To this I added a can of diced tomatoes and drained cans of sodium free beans and corn. I mixed up the beans each time – sometimes kidney, pinto, or whatever. Then I used an envelope of chili mix from the supermarket, added some water to the whole mess and usually some ground flax.


On occasion, I would add some diced chipotles or similar, but nothing none vegetable. The whole pot made 4-5 servings for the week. Very high in fiber, protein, low in fat, virtually no sugar. It was filling and tasted good. If I was feeling a little bored, I’d eat it with corn chips (not too many).

Anyway, one key to really dropping weight is being intentional about what you eat. This was what I fixed first (and adding the walking). I didn’t sweat exercise or any of that – I didn’t even count calories right away. I just started to be intentional about my meals and it was HUGE.

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