As I make a sandwich in proximity to Fall
I have a good plan which uses the windfall
Of tomatoes bright red which occur by the bushel-
A sandwich to be fed where tomatoes are crucial.

Toasted bread, mayonnaise, lettuce crisp and bright.
The bacon seems to get the praise, But those who know will fight
To celebrate the juicy red tomato, lightly seasoned.
The lettuce placed loosely, too, is not there without reason.

Layer toast, then dress, then lettuce, too
On both slices with finesse, then bacon due to
Keeping the toast from the sog of fresh, red ripe tomato.
It will taste the most delightful treat one can show.

The finest BLT I ever have made was with the recipe of one Kenji Lopez-Alt. This poetic interlude is based on his insistence to eat a BLT seasonally. And I agree.

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