French Soup

You take the onions, just a lot of onions and then you have to french them.
That doesn’t mean make out with them – it means you have to clench them
In a fist on the board and use your knife to cut them into wedges longitudinally.
This can cause many tears to form, so I suggest wearing goggles jubilantly.

Into a big pot the frenched onions go, and then a big knob of butter.
You cook them, and cook them some more until they start to sputter.
The shrink in size, the caramelize, be sure they don’t fry, gently cook
Them. Add a splash of red wine, salt if you have, and then take a look –
You have to watch them closely. Over time you’ll learn
If you aren’t careful – the onions will quickly burn!

But if they don’t – If you won’t let them cook to crisp
You’ll have a small pot of what the total start will seem a wisp.
To your mahogany alliums its time to add a measure of beef broth.
A bay leaf, too, maybe some thyme, will add treasure to the froth.

And then it simmers for half an hour, while you dry out some bread.
Shatter it into croutons so you can shower the finished soup and spread
Some gruyere cheese, or mozzarella, or anything you find nice.
Broil it harshly until you see the fella bubble up and then you can entice
A loved one to a meal with you. With cheese, and beef, and onion.
It’s a delightful soup in a days work, using the stove and oven.

French Onion Soup tastes like a million dollars and is super easy to make. Here is a recipe I wrote several years ago.

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