Maybe you need a new sandwich because you’re perfectly happy, but would like to change things up from the usual Reuben.

So you head into the kitchen and think you’d like more than ham and cheese, so you decide you’ll make a Cuban.

Luckily, your partner was only yesterday buying Cuban loaves of bread at the bakery.

And you already have some roast pork, so the sandwich will not be fakery.

Pickles are easy, as you always put up a few jars.

For some reason, your mustard is all in packets you took from local bars.

But it’s yellow, which is what you need, believe it or not, as this sandwich is simple and doesn’t need dijon flair.

But, still, you feel a little bit fancy, so instead of Swiss cheese you dig into the dairy drawer and pull out some Gruyere.

So, you paint on the mustard and layer the pork, ham, and cheese, and the pickles and then use some butter on the outside to grill the whole assembly.

And you remember to make two of them, because after all, it’s your partner’s bread and it’s important with a trusted partner to stay friendly.

It’s a good sandwich, and the pickles give it a nice crunch.

It’s been a while since you’ve had such a refreshing and memorable lunch.

Cubanos! Cubanos are honestly a bit like Italian Beef in that the best bet is to go somewhere that makes them. I’m pretty strict with my Cubans and like the basic recipe list, but I also am not much in the habit of judging those who need a little Dijon to get by.

The best choice you’ll likely make is making sure you have authentic Cuban bread, though. It’s made for this sort of thing, you see.

Also, if you like Cubans, see the Favreau movie “Chef” sometime. It’s not about sandwiches, but it’s pretty good.

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