Grilled Cheese Sandwich

INGREDIENTS: Two Slices of bread
American Cheese – yeah, that’s what I said!
Some sort of fat, butter is typical
But mayonnaise is another victual
Spread thinly upon the bread, both sides!
Place them upon the griddle to fry.
When each slice has reached a golden brown
The time has come to flip them upside down.
A slice of cheese on the browned side is dealt,
As the other side toasts, the cheese will melt.
The melted sides then combine into one
Sealing the sandwich – you’re almost done.
You can choose to place it upon the plate
And cut in half – it will taste great!

Or…you can take this savory comestible
To a superior level – that’s incontestable.
If you enter the fridge and grab the cheddar,
And use for a minute on a box shredder,
Keeping the sandwich on the heat –
Put this cheese on top, take care to be neat.
Let THIS cheese melt under a towel or lid
And beneath it have a spatula slid
Then flip it quickly so cheese hits the pan
And do your best to stand and withstand
The aroma as these shreds caramelize.
But give it a minute until your spatula can prise
This sandwich back on the your dish.
Some seasoning is now all you may wish
To add to this perfect grilled cheese – with no fault!
I suggest a small sprinkle of fine garlic salt.

Bro! Best grilled cheese sandwich ever. Yeah, and I love food and cheese and fanciness, but salty, melty American will always make the best grilled cheese. Don’t @ me, bro!

That said, I love to change up the breads, the cheeses, throw on some fruit or jam. If you add fruit, warm it up in the pan or micro before adding it to the cheese. Apples and brie are a treat. So’s fig jam with some sharp cheddar on whole wheat.

If you really want to reach back to schoolyard days, squish it down after it’s done. 


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