Avengers Review

I’m choosing to do some more poems. But after poems of such a serious theme (despite some needed levity) I believe I’ll be a bit more frivolous. Spoilers if you haven’t seen the picture.

I saw the heroes turn the tide
After an elaborate Quantum ride.
There was plenty I enjoyed, of course:
The fan service, the final force –
Visiting places where we’ve been before.
When the Captain lofted the hammer of Thor!
The action, the heroes, the final goodbyes.
Watching Ant Man and Wasp as they changed size.
Allowing an opera to have a clear end –
Though we will see many faces again.

Where will marvel go from here?
They haven’t told us; it isn’t clear.
The book has closed for Iron Man.
The Captain, too, has had his last stand.
I am saddened by the end of an era –
One wouldn’t expect a 4 color pair of
Bright shiny heroes to cause this reaction.
Always of the “Make Mine Marvel!” faction.

Emotional, exhausted, sad and undone –
Darn it, these pictures are supposed to be fun!
There are stories to tell of heroes still alive –
We’ll (hopefully) find out in Avengers Five.

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