As I make a sandwich in proximity to Fall I have a good plan which uses the windfall Of tomatoes bright red which occur by the bushel- A sandwich to be fed where tomatoes are crucial. Toasted bread, mayonnaise, lettuce crisp and bright. The bacon seems to get the praise, But those who know will […]


Maybe you need a new sandwich because you’re perfectly happy, but would like to change things up from the usual Reuben. So you head into the kitchen and think you’d like more than ham and cheese, so you decide you’ll make a Cuban. Luckily, your partner was only yesterday buying Cuban loaves of bread at […]


A peanut butter sandwich in the usual way Is a delight, it’s salty sweet, on any kind of bread. Some will ignore it, listen to what I say And you’ll enjoy the sandwich having been honestly led. Peanut butter thinly spread on either piece of bread Contains the jam keeping the bread from soggy soaking. […]