The End

Twenty-Nine lifeforms described to the ether –
Are they gone already, or are they still there?
Out in the wild, the ocean, the ice
Suffering due to humanity’s vice.
Why should humanity wonder
On ways to prevent non-humanity to suffer?
To sit in deep warmth snug in a house
Why care about the Alabama Beach Mouse?

I’ll tell you this – how can we ask them?
How can we sit and shout and type
“You can’t wear the fur coat – it just isn’t right?”
How can we tell these people their lives?
Stop the poachers with their guns and their knives?

Why should they care about animals rare?
As they sit in the dirt without water or air –
The people I mean. Shut out on the street.
With threadbare shirts and nothing on their feet.
There is no desire to save otherkind
When your own people pay you no mind.

Humanity is stocked from pole to pole
And we’ve filled the air with oil and coal,
But we need to fill bellies and we need to fill brains
And work to release mankind from the chains
Of centuries of others controlling the roads
Of upward mobility – instead we’ve set loads
Upon loads of struggle and debt and treatment unfair-
So how can you ask “mind the polar bears there?”
Until we work to undoom our own species
No one will care. That is my thesis.

I remember the Lorax who spoke for the trees –
And Adams, and Adams, and Margaret Mead
Who spoke of nature and creatures and fought for all we
Who were willing to stand up and fight.
Fight for less fortunate, fight for what’s right.

There needn’t be battles, but an army we need
To dismiss the shackles and help people be freed.
Through this effort of providing our brothers enough
The animals, plants, the others will rise up.

Help the planet, help the people, help all of the life
To live it as much as one can without strife.

What a month! Yes, a treatise to end it on. A poem a day. A realization I did have writing – many people do not care about endangered species. And, indeed, why would they? The very people who hunt the gorilla are often doing so because they need to eat. People poach horns and ivory for the lucrative trade – but they, too, need to eat.

So, it comes as no surprise, that I would entreat us all to care and help and protect the natural world. But people, too, need protection and aid. And by helping them to rise up, we increase our ability to help nature.

Thank you for reading my poems this month.

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