A bird so heavy it stays on the ground
Nudging the brush for any nuts around.
It isn’t too heavy – it still can climb trees,
But you’ll never see on in the sky free.

It’s favorite food is the rimu nut
Which gives it energy to breed, but
The tree only offers this every four years.
The bird is far older than it appears.

A kakapo can live to be ninety-five
Longer than some of us have been alive.
It’s a nocturnal avian with whiskers to find
It’s way through the forest in the dark and blind.

In New Zealand fair it makes its home
Upon the forest floor it walks and roams.
A bird so heavy it stays on the ground
Weighing, as a parrot, to almost nine pounds.

The Kakapo is a fat parrot that can’t fly, which is very interesting. It is also called the “owl parrot” by people smarter than me. This bird is heavy, it climbs trees, it has sensory whiskers on its face. During the great harvest of the rimu tree it gains the energy to mate, in which courts and battles take place.

It is an absolutely fascinating bird! Also, there is a BBC documentary with a segment about it featuring Benedict Cumberbatch narrating, so that’s pretty cool.

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