Nubian Giraffe

The Giraffe is a Genius!
Oh wait I meant genus-
Perhaps they are better at spelling.

You’d feel strongly jubilant
If you spied a Nubian
In the wild, where they’re no longer dwelling.

But in some places it lives
In these places it gives
Tourists a view quite compelling.

These camelopardalis
As a specimen is flawless
With a male median lump known for swelling.

It’s neck and its spots
Gives it space so it ought
To be safe from a predators felling.

The Nubian Giraffe is the nominative subscies of giraffe. But instead of Giraffe Giraffe it is Giraffe camelopardalis camelopardalis. Which is hard to rhyme!

Unfortunately, the story is the same as for 26 other species. Poachers and habitat loss due to humans. You know, I am starting to think humans might not be very kind to animals!

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