In Andrah Pradesh, way up in a tree
And arachnid lives wild and free.
I’ll tell you the tale, and tell you its true –
The spider in question is a bright sapphire blue.

It’s a tarantula, so try to avoid its bite
It causes intense pain – you won’t have to die.
No one on record has felt it’s fangs.
But be careful if you use bare hands.

It walks those trees with bright blue fur
Only in India does it ever occur.
It can be grown in captivity
For it has a brisk pet-activity.

The “Poecilothera metalicca” is a tarantula that is bright blue! Avoiding a golden opportunity, because I don’t listen to them, this poem is a play on “Long Black Veil” by Johnny Cash.

The tarantula in question lives in trees in Andhra Pradesh in central India. It grows in a 100 sq km range in the forest, which is slowly shrinking due to timber concerns. This is an interesting fact about many endangered species – they have a specific niche, and there they stay.


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