Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant


Sir Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant a quaint picture indeed.
This Mount Victoria pitcher patch is where these pitchers feed.

A pitcher plant’s a pitcher filled with a liquid condition
For animals to drown inside and provide the plant nutrition.

Sir Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant’s pitcher serves dual function
By housing insect larva in a layer of liquid in conjunction
With the bottoms layer The larvae swim and provide detritus
As they grow and eat close to the brim preventing plant gastritis.

It feeds mostly upon small examples of arthropods,
But not limited to insecta, on occasion the small odd
Vertebrate will fall inside, to be digested by this goo
A little mouse, a vole perhaps, sometimes a furry shrew.

Could a pitcher plant grow large enough to digest a man?
Maybe not entirely, but I suggest we be careful with our hands.

Named in honor of Sir David Attenborough, it is one of 15 species named in his honor. Pitcher Plants are fascinating successes in passivity as they wait for flies to fall inside their pitchers. Yes, this plant has two layers of liquid in it’s pitcher. Larva swim in the top layer and their droppings serve to provide nutrition as larger insects are digested by the thicker liquid in the bottom.

Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant in particular has had remains of rodents found within it. It is the second largest pitcher plant. It is endangered mainly due to its small native range, but also poachers. 

Today is also Earth Day – a special planet to all of us. 

Sir Attenborough’s magnum opus is called the Life on Earth.
Not bad for a young man from unassuming Isleworth.
He’s known for his distinctive voice and his love of the Earth
Particularly the animals, and describing their natural worth.
Sir David’s also a champion of the BBC Networks
Whom has provided funding for his fabulous television works.
For all things natural, it’s true, this man is a bold fighter
And in my opinion, his presence here, has made the world much brighter.

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