Giant Wet

For amphibians existing as two-handers
You can’t beat the Chinese Giant Salamanders.
An animal known to be relatively vicious
In that it finds its own kind highly delicious.

Like all salamanders, it makes and lays eggs,
Which hatch, start to eat, and someday grow legs.
It lives in the water, in crevices shady.
It’s also been known to cry like a baby.

Though considered one species that barely thrives,
Genetic divisions suggest there are five
Cryptic species all living as a single –
Of which all can hybridize and genetically mingle.

And, of course, it’s habitat is threatened
Perhaps most living examples are destined
To live on a farm and struggle for residency
(Which may pan out, as its considered a delicacy).

Likely, the future holds aquaria and zoos
With a pane of glass with which to see through.
At least humanity will have chance to gander
At a species, once wild, the Chinese Giant Salamander.

The Chinese Giant Salamander lives in China. It’s normal habitat is breaking apart, and if it is in fact five species, some of those are more threatened than others. There is no morphological distinction, so it gets returned to the wrong habitat often. Saving one may happen, but all five?

People also eat it. In a poor defense, it eats other members of the species. I’ve never eaten one – it has all the appeal of a Pangolin Sandwich.

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