(To the tune of Lorde’s Royals – I might do a video as it’s hard to read it)

A Cnidarian colonial
Existing with motility sessile
The reef is quite baronial
For all the creatures in which to nestle

Such as the sponges, clownfish, purple nudibranches –
Turtles, urchins, zooxanthelae patches.
They don’t care – it’s the habitat of their dreams.
And so there’s mollusks, sea stars, lots of phytoplankton –
Morays, lobsters, an invertabraic sanctum –
All they need is an ocean in which feed.

But we’re losing our coral (coral)
Wrap your arm in a black band
As reefs slowly fill with sand
Oh its end is close at hand.
Growing ever smaller (smaller)
Turning to a bone white reef.
And baby soon, oh soon, oh soon, oh soon –
They might be a fantasy.

Scientists have cracked the code.
They’ve figured out the ocean acidification –
Can cause polyps to grow and glow brighter in color
A sign of their stagnation.

The warmer water causes lower reef health –
Symbiotic algae finding itself expelled
Leaving it – susceptible to disease.
Leaving this diverse and vibrant sea life ecosystem
To slowly wither as in a food web cataclysm –
Why do we care? Our marine life is under there.

But we do need coral (Coral)
It fixes nitrogen and carbon
At levels seen as a bargain
Compared to land plants’ own burden –
They stop big waves sooner (sooner)
Preventing bad erosion.
They kickstart life, start life, start life, start life
In the seabed of the ocean.

Coral Reefs are amazing habitats of biodiversity. They protect shorelines, help provide data for climate scientists, and are dying. Along with ocean warming due to climate change, acidification as carbon is absorbed isn’t helping.

This whole series of poems is preachy; this one is a bit more so, I guess. Jumping back from sandwiches and vaccines to a pretty serious problem. We can survive without pangolins, but we need coral reefs. We really do – they kickstart food chains we are part of, marine speaking.

Edit: Video of the performance. Scansion’s off, but okay Find it here.

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