Here There Be Dragons

Egg laid upon leaf
Hatch into verdant shoreside.
Swim toward future.Nymph within water
Cascading jaws intake prey
Mosquitoes beward.Dragonfly on the post
Molted wings dried by suns’ warmth –
Soar across water.Wings dry from sunshine
Dragonfly of last molting
Soar across water.Halfway to our goal, I felt time for Haiku was ripe. Haiku are easy, but hard. Great ones escape me, but they are a good exercise to teach meter. Dragonflies are an important creature in Japanese culture.Dragonflies are connected to the ecological web deeply. Pollution affects them greatly as they exist in the water. Their prey as adults also comes from the water. It is a great example of the cycle of life. Due to this, several species are threatened to endangered (Hine’s Emerald comes to mind). Insects (see bees) can be thought of as creepy or scary. This is especially true for folks from more urban areas who attend natural areas where bugs are bugs. The Dragonfly plays an incredibly important role in the web of wetland and watershed areas. It leaves humans alone.And incredible spring sight is a dragonfly, recently molted, drying its wings in the sunshine.

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