Take your seats, thank you for the good turnout –
You’d like to learn what the fuss is about.
I’ve called you to prevent confusion.
Simmons, sit down! I need your inclusion.

This plate (fig 1) describes the Whooping CRANE.
An avian species humankind deigns
As one worth PROTECTING – note the prefix –
The numbers of which we’ve started to fix.

This new plate (fig 2) describes Whooping COUGH.
Dangerous for children – Simmons, don’t scoff!
This disease of pertussis we PREVENT
Lest babies hack and wheeze in poor torment.

Note one has feathers; the other does not.
One eats fish and frogs; the other makes snot.
One is a contagious bacterium.
The other gives birders delirium.

One can be arrested with a vaccine –
The other suffers shots in a different scene.
The habitat for both we try to keep fit –
Simmons, your jokes only showcase cheap wit!

Both Whoop, it’s true, ignore shared adjective
Both have human life in their narrative.
We find good in one’s eradication.
Simmons, Please provide outburst cessation.

The contrast here ought be easy to know
And yet many people’s knowledge does not seem to show.
Treating both as items worth ignoring.
Thanks for an issue found worth exploring.

Whooping Cranes have seen far worse numbers in the past. They suffer from habitat loss and hunting mainly. Despite success in conservation efforts, the species is still endangered. Climate Change and humanity are set to throw new threats toward the species.

Pertussis is a rough disease which is preventable by vaccine. Yet, current movements are bringing it and similar diseases closer to strength. 

I’m not convinced a reasonable person could mix the two up. Not even Simmons.

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