How would you like another primate that I think’s a thriller?
And it’s barely the size of a quarter gorilla!
It’s adaptable, different, one for all niches!
Yet so similar, you can’t tell which is whiches!

The silky sifaka may be in danger the most –
Mouse lemurs are smaller than toast.
The Bamboo is split into 5 species more
The ring-tailed is partly insectivore.

There’s the red and the grey, brown and the black
(Some of those have blue-eyes, or white on the back).
Some of have ruffs, some white fronts, some with eyes shining bright.
Discoveries by Seal, Scott, Madame Berthe and Wright.

All eat plants, some only fruit, some are opportunistic.
By diet alone, there’s no clear heuristic.
Their morphology runs from the lesser to greater –
Great diversity found south of the equator.

What does the primate share in high prominence?
All species display female social dominance.
Many adapt to the harsh, seasonal climate
And come out after dark when everything’s quiet.

The Lemur! Not one, but dozens of species
Existing within Madagascar’s green treesies.
Arboreal, nocturnal, omnivorous, and full of diversity
But existing on the island in relative scarcity.

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