Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger burning bright
Against the sky in the moonlight.
So many hunt the plains and woods
Competing with wolves for the food.

Or they eat the wolves! No need to compete
When you eat the competitor – what a neat
Way to solve a problem with your evolution.
Though, somewhat a grisly solution.

Tiger Tiger – why are you vilified
By those who say they are civilized?
You are large and fierce and burning bright
Humans give you a large burden to bite.

Tigers! Of course, a reference to Blake. Tigers come in many subspecies, all of which are in some sort of trouble. They are ferocious and large predators often feasting on small bears and wolves, depending on their habitat. Many (citation needed) consider them a beautiful creature. Like me.

Confessedly, I am not a great fan of cats, and tigers. But to not consider the lithe, striped cat as an integral part of nature burdens me.

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