Introvert Orangutan

He’s the “man of the forest,” alone in the trees
With a bearded visage and short reaching knees.
An arboreal lifestyle, shy, what a pity.
Oh long-armed friend, won’t you come to the city?

You say forest only, I’m not convinced on that thought.
You’re too anti-social, I think it best you ought
To give apartment living a try.
These big city flats are incredibly high.

Swing from the flagpoles, enter by roof.
Throw on a hoodie, draw it tight – and poof!
No one would bother you at the fruit stand
They’d think you a long-armed, fuzzy old man.

Possibly a client of an espresso shop
Who sits “novelling” until the herbal tea is hot.

Or stay in the woods! But, know that I care.
I worry the woods won’t always be there.
The fruit it is fresh and the air it is clean.
I’ll understand if you refuse the urban scene.

There are three species of Orangutan – Sumatran, Bornean, and Tapnuli. They are all quite endangered.

Orangutans eat mainly fruit and leave most of their lives in the canopy. Compared to all primates, they are the least social. Long arms, very fuzzy, with red hair. This allows them great skill when re-shelving library books as well.

Likely, they also do not live near a city center, but given their anti-social tendencies, I do think they may be sneaking into indie band concerts and giving opinions on cold brew coffee.

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