The Rhino Knows

No Rhino need knows it has a nose that is known
I doubt it would keep it from strife.
It’s horn it grows until it shows those prone
For extracting it along with its life.

The Rhinos foes do not oppose or bemoan
A horn be it black, white, or Javan
They goes to meadows where it is grown
Do the deed and don’t bother to dwell on.

The rhino knows not its nose is known
By foes who impose wildlife.
The rhino grows in peace solitary, alone
And isn’t awake for the knife.

While perhaps a measure of frivolity is welcome, it is a challenge to bring to the Rhinoceros. The most threatened extant species are the Black, Javan and Sumatran. The Javan has less than 60 individuals. While a challenge to tell a person they should not hunt animals for food (in the case of the gorilla), the rhino is poached for its horn.

The horns are ground up and used for medicine despite having all the effect of a mug of nail clippings. This is why they are shot and killed – so their horn can be removed. Conservation efforts are considered poor at best in most cases. The White Rhino has made a comeback in recent years, but is once again seeing a decline in numbers.

Thankfully, Rhinos can often be found in zoos. They are beautiful, amazing creatures if you ever have the chance. Their skin is thick and appears plated. They feature in one of Rudyard Kipling’s Just-So stories as well.

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