Critiquing on the Chin

Getting critiqued is hard.

It’s hard to struggle and sweat and work on a story that gets pulled to pieces later on by a group. It can be a struggle to hear counter-opinions, to sift through the opinions as well. When folks say “I don’t get it” and others say “No, it’s too explained already.” It’s tough.


The picture book manuscript is undergoing critiquing, and it is taking a long time. I will take the words given to me fairly, but it is taking a long time.

It’s hard to fight pride. To accept criticism – it’s the toughest lesson to learn, I think, aside from actually writing. (As in, the hardest part of writing or creating is to actually produce work). I love editing. It’s my favorite part of writing! And I like to judge others! But to be judged, oof!

But, it’s what’s best. To set pride to the side and listen to opinion and allow it to seep in and get to know you. The ship is sailing, though, I’ve got a small breeze I’ll share when it stops. A small, tiny breeze, but one I am happy about.

It’s no picture book, but what is?

The hardest thing right now is my lack of free time to work on my work – and so, I’ve had to let drawing slip away again. I’ll keep doing it for fun, but not to work at. No time.

And I’ll keep spending my time creating when I can. That’s what life is all about, after all.

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