Reading Books!

For the sake of ease, I thought I’d keep the world posted on books I’m reading. On the nonfiction front, I’ve been rereading The Tao of Pooh. I love this book, and its what brought me to understand (as if you could!) the concept of the Tao. The tao reminds me so very much of the concept of Grace I learned growing up Methodist. They aren’t the same thing at all, but the sense of a great, unknowable thing is something I like.

I’m not just reading that. I’m also reading a book of Folktales from around the world off and on, looking for new stories to tell. My storytelling repertoire needs expanding – I certainly could keep telling the same five stories ad nauseum, but I’d rather not. Bring me your stories, world, that i might steal and profit from them myself!

Finally, after perhaps a thousand requests to “buy my book” from Sam Sykes, I borrowed his book from the library. It’s a fantasy called The City Stained Red, and while I don’t normally read straight fantasy, I am enjoying it so far. It has a style reminiscent of Scalzi, though a differing tone, which means it’s easy to read. It’s very long, though, which I haven’t done for a while.

There’s also a Paleo cookbook.

In picture books, my latest favorite is an Oliver Jeffers book called Here We Are, which I doubt anyone following picture books hasn’t seen. I have been reading many, many picture books so they blend together if they aren’t great. This one is – it’s a guide to our place in the universe and the world we live on, and it’s quite beautiful. Even non picture book readers will like it.

By the way, everyone should read picture books. They are beautiful things – Zen Shorts, Mother Bruce, anything by Adam Rex – there tell such concise, whimisical stories and they look good doing it.

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