Black Rectangles

Black Rectangles. That’s the way our society is fit right now. Stuck to black rectangles. I’m of a mixed bag with black rectangles – I love the connectivity, the knowledge easily accessed. Waiting in line is terrible. But – the connectivity is a killing stroke as well. Tension and stress are hard to put down when you can’t put down your black rectangle.

Pardon my maudlinity.

Beeps, too. I thought of this as a friend set a microwave for ten minutes, thinking it one. Her dish boiled over and made a mess. Waiting for the beep. We are all waiting for a beep, a chime, a ding – it’s convenient! It’s nice! But it’s also damning.

Staring at that screen with its tiny rush of dopamine. Why is it so attractive? Why is it so hard to put down? I wasted hours this weekend swiping three in a row – it doesn’t matter what. If I knew anything about programming, I could develop a swipe 3 game and make dozens of dollars.

I’m an old man, now, I guess. Ludditery has caught up to me. My black rectangle brings me music, it brings me freedom. With that freedom an invisible chain. How to weaken that chain? That’s the modern mystery.

“What’s wrong?” I used to ask.

“The texting is too expensive” my mom would say.

Now, it’s all we do. Now, I don’t talk on the phone. Now, I type, one handed, no tactile nature even – it’s all electric. What is tactility but electrons repelling, anyway?

Electrons are energy. Light is energy. Let there be light –  the logos was poetic in many ways.

Not me.

I place my black rectangle on my bedside table – I think we’re already cyborgs. When we implant the screens, we will be – relish that day. Refute that day.

What we really need are small machines that dust. That will bring us the freedom we need.

Smile at a human, that brings freedom, too. Shake a hand. Compliment. Kindness reigns. You must dig at it and pile it, but those parapets built on kindness and compassion reign stronger and longer than hate and malice.

March it in, Saints. March it in.

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