Idea Trap

I heard something today. I was listening “the Canon,” a podcast on movies. The latest episode is about Marvel’s Avengers: The Movie! which came out a few years ago. You may have heard of it. It is a fun conversation which I’m only half finished with, and I had a great idea for a blog […]

Black Rectangles

Black Rectangles. That’s the way our society is fit right now. Stuck to black rectangles. I’m of a mixed bag with black rectangles – I love the connectivity, the knowledge easily accessed. Waiting in line is terrible. But – the connectivity is a killing stroke as well. Tension and stress are hard to put down […]

A Western!

Bumbadumbadumdumdum went the music as giant words appeared and disappeared over the mountains. Things slowed way down after that. A tall drink of water loped into the town, dust everywhere. Horse shit everywhere. The whole road was full of it, just disgusting. The man didn’t care. He had no name. Pronounceable in English. People just […]

Save the Empire!

Oh, blessed topics! I will write about this today – I apologize for the lack of short short stories about awful things happening to people. Today is Rex Manning Day! This is the day Rex Manning descended upon Empire Records to sign albums, be generally seen as royalty, and be a sleazebag. Empire Records was […]

FreeWrite 4/5

InwhichIFreeWritesoIdoWRITE INFODUMP: I am trying, without trying, to post for the Poetry month on Twitter. I still have the tweeter separate from the facebase. Because, reasons. Let me Tell You A Story: Once upon a time there was a wizard who could ignite stuff with his mind. He couldn’t ignite water or anything stupid like […]