Blade Runner and Justice League

I watched two movies over the weekend, falling asleep in the middle of each. This has little to do with either movies’ quality – I was just tired and it was late.

Of the two, I definitely preferred Blade Runner 2049. Justice League was terrible – not even a very well-made movie. Blade Runner was all right, but seemed pretty unnecessary.

So, Blade Runner. Sam thinks I’m weird, but I love Ryan Gosling – I’ve loved Ryan Gosling ever since I saw “The Nice Guys” and I think he’s terrific. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, has a good sense of humor, and he’s a good performer. But he also talks in a voice that makes me always think “young goof ball.” I have the same problem with Chris Pratt. So, for this role, I thought he did a good job, but it wasn’t great.

The main villain was also ridiculously cartoonish in Blade Runner. Undeveloped, and really not compelling. I understood his motivation, but I didn’t find it overly believable. The whole movie screamed “hey, remember Blade Runner?” to me. It was well-shot, the acting was good, effects were perfect, art direction was great – I did enjoy watching it and I wish I’d caught it in theaters. But there wasn’t anything in there that’s going to stay with me as in the first Blade Runner – the whole movie seemed to be a lead up to Harrison Ford finally appearing. And I wish they’d done it as a completely different story unrelated to his character – I think it would have been more successful for me.

Visually, great. But I don’t think it will have the staying power of the original at all. Too much of the character work and plot choices didn’t work for me.

Justice League was just terrible. I think the cast was okay for the characters they were making, but I didn’t really like how they portrayed the characters – even Wonder Woman wasn’t as good as in her own movie. I’ve never liked Cyborg and think the idea to put him in the modern Justice League is silly – he’s way better in Teen Titans. I think JL works better as a five-person team, personally.

Henry Cavill is fine as this Superman, but I don’t like this Superman very much and I don’t think he’s the right person to play Superman – but I’ve written about that plenty. Aquaman was there, I guess? This movie was just loud and dark and stupid. There, I said it, it was a stupid movie. How do you get JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and barely use him?

Even stuff like the sound editing/design was bad. Right from the get go – the effects were poor. Evident they were on a sound stage in many shots, the CG was not blended well, the mustache editing did look weird, and the villain was a dumb villain. Warner Brothers has no idea how to make a Justice League movie.

At this point, I think they’d be better off going in completely the opposite direction and embracing some Silver Age nonsense – if they’d had the guts to put Starro in the villain role, I would have enjoyed that more, I think. It suffers from a lot of the problems the modern comics have – trying to fit the Fourth World saga in at the beginning of the Justice League, and it just doesn’t work.

These characters were not together at the beginning. It’s why DC has their multiverse stuff going on – it would have made way more sense to have separate franchises take off and have them meet up for something else. But they can’t even get Superman right.

Anyway. Ezra Miller was fine in his role, but I don’t care for such a weird Flash either. They tried to have him be the audience stand-in and it doesn’t work when he has a super-power. Annoying, but throw Snapper Carr in somehow. The problem is DC seems embarrassed of their characters.

Also, and I have debated this before, but it is vitally important that Flash be faster than Superman. Like, Superman should be amazing at everything, but each individual power he has should be done by someone else better – it makes it way easier to accept that he bothers with help from anyone. I can accept his strength being top notch.

Anyway. One movie I liked but probably won’t watch again and one I actively disliked and definitely won’t watch again.

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