Wonder Woman!

We saw Wonder Woman last night and it was pretty dang good.  Not perfect – I’m actually surprised by the nigh-universal praise – but it was better than Man of Steel, and better than BvS? I don’t know – I haven’t seen that.  Which is crazy!

But – this is about Wonder Woman!

– All of the actors. This was well cast. Just incredibly well done.
– Steve Trevor – Look, Gal Gadot is the star. She shines. But the way Steve Trevor was portrayed was excellent. A flawed human being who ends it as a hero – really well done. I don’t typically care for character endings like his, but it worked really well.
– The Big Moment – When Diana climbs the ladder – so well done. From the hints of the uniform early on, to the delivery – this was just a great example of a payoff shot. In a different world, the movie could have ended after this with the village dance.
– The Reveal – Diana’s true destiny was revealed fairly well.
– Diana’s Naivete – I found this well done as well, way better than in the comics or animated films. She came off as joyful, not weird.
– WW1 – WW1 gets portrayed as the worst in movies, and it was terrible. There’s not big heroes like WW2. I’m so accustomed to WW2 being the big war, though, I kept wondering why the planes looked so different, etc… it was a clever idea.  Although, the villainous Germans – I remember learning about WW1 as less hero/villainy than WW2, to be honest.

DISLIKES (this may be longer, but I liked the movie, so there)
– The Ending – Like many, I found a tonal dissonance between the beginning of the film and the ending. There even seemed to be a difference in cinematography with way more centered shots during the fight. Steve’s heroic flight was compelling, but the battle with Ares seemed weird. I believed in Diana and Steve, I didn’t believe in Ares.
I think losing Ares would have been good, have Diana leave the island for different reasons and still have a bittersweet ending filled with hope. Or, drop the twist and have the general guy actually have been Ares. Also, now that he’s gone, why do we have WW2?
The part where Diana spares Dr. Poison felt so shoehorned in there – seriously, it was like someone else made the last twenty minutes of it.
– The slow-mo – why?  It seemed forced in.  Maybe the director wanted it? I don’t know, but it took me out of the movie.
–  The Village – And what happened to it. It seemed unnecessary.  I’m in the minority here, but I have a hard time with people dying in movies – nothing crazy, but I do think “dang, all those human beings are dead now.”  Even the Germans in the trenches.

Anyway, it didn’t fill me with a desire to see it again right away like Guardians of the Galaxy. It also didn’t compel me to declare my disdain in the movie theater as I did for X3 and Spider-Man 3.  I would watch it again, though, and I hope the WB execs take the right lessons from it.

I way preferred the more colorful scenes on Themiscyra and the humanizing parts with the Scotsman and such to the over the top battle at the end. You don’t need me to tell you, as you’ve probably seen it already.

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