Monthly Archives: May 2017

Cleaning Up

I’m out of it, people.  I’m leaving education – at least, teaching. I’ve done it for six years.  I like my school.  But I’ve been offered the position of Camp Director, and that’s my dream job.  So, I’ll be doing that now.

Camp Director may not lend itself to the time I’ve been used to online, but maybe it will give me the time I need to write. My time to write has been immature at best.

With this event, I’ve been cleaning up the computer.  Years of nonsense sorted in Google Drive and on my computer – and I’m compelled to do it. It feels cathartic. I’m receiving a bit of glee ridding myself of some of my old notes and lesson plans.  Why save them?

Yes, I will continue educating, but it will be in a different way. I’m very excited to be bringing kids to the outdoors and teach them that way again.

And we will see how well I am able to be me.