One resolution I often hear from people, but not one I feel compelled to make myself, is about reading.  People pop in in January to make goals for reading.  I read a lot, so the numbers quoted are interesting to read – some people love other activities.  For me, reading is a wonderful way to pass the time.

When reading, when deeply into a text, I don’t see the words anymore.  My imagination processes the book as a window, I’m visualizing the action on the page in a way – it’s very fun.  I read many, many books, but many online articles as well.  I wish I was as organized as my mother who would take notes on the websites she liked and retain a lot of information because of it.

So, goals for reading.  I don’t have any.  I’m going to try to read more paper instead of electrons, solely because electrons cause greater distraction.  “Wow, this action sequence is amazing – but I wonder if there’s a new cat picture on Facebook?”  It’s not fun to be so distracted.  Also, my wife’s iPad is an amazing comic book delivery system, so there’s no hint of Ludditism here.  Ludditery?  I don’t know.

Today, I finished a book by Sharon Draper called Out of My Mind which I did not find altogether that great.  It is a first-person story written from the perspective of a fifth grade girl who has cerebral palsy.  It reads like someone thought there should be  a first-person perspective of a girl with cerebral palsy.  It’s full of convenience and manufactured events.  I found the main characters very well-formed, but the secondary almost cartoonish.  There was certainly a strong emotional connection, but it felt so manipulative in a certain way, I couldn’t enjoy it.

Also on the reading horizon – Kurt Vonnegut!  I am an acolyte of the wonderful Kurt Vonneguys from Cracked website.  Each episode so far has been a delight, even as they stretch into crazy length for a book discussion.  There next episode is about God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, and I believe the next book will be Slaughterhouse V, but I’ll have to check.

Currently, I’m reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Final Empire which is a book I enjoy, but am not feeling very connected to.  Like, I don’t feel the drive to keep reading and reading.  I find it being workmanlike to read a chapter every day or so, but it’s not bad.  Fantasy of this type has never been a huge draw for me, however I’ve heard good things so I keep on keeping on.

How many books will I read this year?  I don’t know.  It seems unfair to count the books I read for school, but that would push it very high indeed.  50?  I’ll go with 50.  We’ll see how it goes.

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