What’s Next?

Conferences are over.  I have a class that’s half over.  The school year is a quarter over – we are in the worst marking period for teaching, the one that is divided by many breaks, and one of my good friends has had to take a break from political discussion.  Too much stress.

I’ve got about a thousand things to do, which I’m sure you do, too.  And I’m tired and feel full of fuzz today, but I wanted to type, I wanted to talk to the wilderness.

With the end of conferences, much stress evaporated.  I have to deal with no sub today, a whirlwind drive to Kalamazoo, but that’s not a big deal.  I’m picking up salmon eggs, which is okay.  I’ll enjoy the drive alone with a podcast, but it is an hour both ways.  For not a lot of bang.

My mind is filled with nonsense – I’ve been writing again, but only for two days so I do not feel accomplished.  And I am distracted by the concerns of college classes, school concerns, family life (the most important), and other.  Definitely a lot of other.

But I will persevere, mainly because I don’t really have anything to persevere against.  Life’s pretty all right right now, despite the nagging concern that we are all going to die in climate related disasters and things like white supremacists in the white house.  Aside from that, everything is fine.


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