Soft Skills

It’s been a long time.  I always feel compelled to say “well, now I’ll start blogging” but I probably won’t, since anxiety so often sinks its hooks into me.  It feels like there’s other things I have to do, and I’m so tired of having so many things I have to do.  It’s not the world I was promised.

Elon Musk spoke up earlier this week about Universal Basic Income.  The truth of the matter is that people are going to be automated out of work – it’s not going to be anything they can “hard work” their way out of.  And it will happen because it will be cheaper for the companies.  The US will probably see a bunch of other countries do it, and we won’t, because socialism is bad or whatever.

That’s an aside – I’m very happy with my family.  That’s what I wanted to say, and instead of spending yesterday with them I was at school doing grades.  Hooray.  Grades are amongst my least favorite items of teaching, but they are done and now a new marking period dawns.

Man, this is a tough blogging experience.  Oh well.  They can’t all be winners.

I’m tired, and I’m going to go vote, and I’m sick of this election.  The unseasonably warm weather is concerning as well.  It’s hard to be a positive person lately, the eternal optimist.  Which I haven’t been lately and that’s discouraging.  It’s not at “Office Space” level, and never will be, but it’s concerning nonetheless.

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