We’re Back!

I want to post about the vacation we just went on – but I’m not starting right now.  The Abels had another big road trip this year, complete with the visiting of relatives, and we had a lot of fun.  We also hit a lot of bumps in the road, but we are back home now and we are having a lot of fun here.  The irony is not lost.  We went on a journey for happiness only to find it in our own backyard.

Because of all the ripe tomatoes, you see.

Today has been a produce day in which pickles have been started, and beans and blueberries frozen.  There was a pie as well, so that was nice.

Summer break is halfway over, frittered away on nothing of consequence, which is a pretty important thing to do over summer break.  But we’ve made a lot of memories as well.  But what happened on vacation?  Well, we’ll see if I remember to tell you, America.

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