Friday I left camp after a week.  It was a week with the CITs and it was incredibly fun, from Sunday’s arrival to leaving on Friday.  I met many new friends, lost my voice, jumped in a lake, and slept in a tent. There was also singing, dancing, cooking out, and beads. That’s a great place to be.

Zach is there now.  This is his first week at camp and I am, sadly, the helicopter parent making sure he will be okay before he leaves. But, before going, he had already made some friends with other kids in the cabin – that’s a good thing to see.  They were talking about whatever and whatnot.

Still – it was hard to leave, even though it has been years since I spent the week there. What a wonderful place is camp, removed from the outside worlds, where everyone is kind to each other and filled with joy.  Leaving is similar to breaking up with a girlfriend or possibly drug detox.  I’ve only experience one of those.

Today, Lucy expressed her displeasure to be leaving camp. She wanted to spend the week, to which I say “I bet you could do it.”  She’s a bit more outdoorsy, a bit more far out than Zach. I suspect Zach will go to camp each year and call it good, but Lucy may shoot for a counselling gig.  Of course, they are only 4 and 7, so there’s no use in predictions.

Things that I will remember from camp:  Succeeding in my green swim test; moving firewood with Audrey; Canoeing across the lake with Jose; a young, young boy who had a rough day; all the Chapels, including the Lost and Found Raffle; dancing in the dining hall; feeding Antwan apple crisp; DeShay’s life lessons; my surprise and pride at the closing campfire ceremonies; a night time CIT Sleepy Hollow hike; working with some day campers; a young man’s predilection for sandwiches; getting my nails painted; Camel College; my beads being tied by a former camper; selling slushies with Erika; many other counselors who are way younger than I; Patrick and Marissa; Sour Patch Kids; Iroquois cabin; seeing old friends.  That’s the short list.

What I enjoy most about camp is the allowance for joy. Everyone is allowed to be happy and joyful and are not seen as peculiar for it. There is much high-fiving and complimenting and a lack of ulterior motive and sniping. Yes, there is some dark mumblings between friends, but it is a place to be happy and yourself.

Well, now Zach is there and I know he will have fun.  I hope he loves it like I do.

Now, I am back in real life and it was a rough transition. It is a nice place to be, though, with a nice lady I like hanging on to.

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