Friday I left camp after a week.  It was a week with the CITs and it was incredibly fun, from Sunday’s arrival to leaving on Friday.  I met many new friends, lost my voice, jumped in a lake, and slept in a tent. There was also singing, dancing, cooking out, and beads. That’s a great […]

Camp Camp Camp

Tomorrow, I’ll turn down a long and dusty driveway to spend a week-ish at good ol’ Camp Pendalouan. It’s been a great bit of anticipation, looking forward to something like this. There’s many male CITs, you see, so there is some hope I will be able to wrangle them or something like that. I had […]


I have reached a point in my life where I don’t keep track of my own age.  Several people asked what my year would be in 2016. Several times I subtracted in my head. 30 was about it for birthdays and me until 40 comes.  34 is not very old at all. However, I was […]