Monthly Archives: May 2016


I don’t like diets.  But I also hate being fat.  See, people say I’m not fat – but when I lose this weight they’ll realize I am.  Dang, I’m heavy, and I’m changing things up.  I’m sick of getting winded climbing stairs, too.  That’s not an act, kids!  I used to be able to run for miles!  Two miles is plural, and I could run those!

Well, I am changing the way I eat.  I’ll probably get really into something like slow-carb or Abs, but really, I’m just quitting the soda pop and the non-mindful snacking.  I can’t treat a bag of chips like a challenge any more.  No more after-school pizza slices – well, maybe once in a while.  That’s the big thing.  Treating sometimes foods like that.

I’ve begin Couch to 5k again, hopefully it sticks.  Last time I quit out of frustration I didn’t think I was getting any faster.  Before that, I quit because I ran on a treadmill and it didn’t go well on my body.  This time, I am running because I like running and I’m trying to be more mindful in general.

Up and about, that’s the force for change.  There’s not much fun to be had sitting around, and I’ve been sitting around a lot – it’s not fun.