The Martian

Over the weekend, I finished reading Catch 22.  I typically read this once a year, but it’s been a few years since I last read it due to events.  It was great to be back on Pianosa and feel the feelings and chuckle at the life of Yossarian – whose experiences remind me of my own (though much less fatal).

I had bought The Martian a few weeks ago with some Christmas money and it’s been sitting on a dresser.  Waiting.  The book club read it ages ago.  Not that it matters, since I’ve not been to book club for a long time, but I knew it was a pretty good read.  The family got home Sunday evening and I was very grouchy, so Sam let me go upstairs to read.  I picked it up, thinking I’d have a week or so of reading.

Well, I went and read the whole thing last night.  This book was crazy good!  Immersive.  Info-dumpy without feeling info-dumpy, and realistic – all things I know people have said before.  I obviously enjoyed the heck out of it.  But now I don’t have anything to read!  I do have a copy of Don Quixote sitting around, but I can’t get into it.  So I need a new book!  It’s hard to find a good book.

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