It finally happened.  My will was broken by my usual illness of aching legs and a sore throat.  It happens.  I missed the puking, I missed the colds, I missed the running noses.  I can’t swallow on one half of my throat.  The other half is fine.

I’ve been cutting all my food in half.

The marking period has ended, with the semester ending as well.  MAP testing starts tomorrow which brings anxiety and such.  I’ve taken some big risks this year with my reading curriculum and I hope they pan out.  If not, it’ll be back to last year’s methods – and those are a drag.

Assessments are a drag, too.

I wish I just had a handful of kids I could take on hikes every day and we could come inside after the AM and do some reading and math.  Math is pretty fun.

I have to start Grad School this summer to be ready for my license renewal and I am pretty sure I have to take a bunch of reading classes, which is depressing because I’d really rather get a Masters in Math Instruction which kids find so much more confusing.  We’ll see what I can do.

I am going nuts.  I thought by now I’d find time to be involved with some local theaters, and I haven’t been able to do that yet.  Too much to do at work.  Thankfully, I have the Story Spinners to be a part of but I really miss the excitement of Improv and doing plays.  I should have done a play with my class this year, but it’s a bit late for that.

C’est la Vie.

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