Star Wars – A Spaghetti Post

A spaghetti post is when you’re throwing it all against the wall to see if it sticks. Stream of consciousness bits and pieces, right?

Anyway.  Sam went and saw Star Wars again last night for her work party and I stayed home with the kids.  We watched a Miyazaki movie and I was happy Zach enjoyed it – he’s going to be a movie-phile like me, I can feel it.  What fun.  There’s so many movies I want to show him, but he’s too young yet.

I’ve seen Star Wars twice, and I’d see it again, because it was a heckuva lot of fun. It’s not perfect, no, but it’s a lot of fun to watch and I really like to have fun at the movies.  I was talking to a friend on Facebook about “The Revenant” which I think I’d like to see, but it looks too serious for my tastes.  I can’t handle movies like that very often.

Which reminds me on thoughts on Facebook, which seems to be a polarizing topic for some. It’s become this background to life as usual, and I think it’s just great. Facebook is like a big supermarket where I’m bumping into people I’ve not seen for a while.  I really like a lot of my Facebook friends, but I never get to see them.

Anyway, there’s still people on Facebook who haven’t seen Star Wars and seem to be all “Ha, I’ve never seen Star Wars – I don’t care!  No Star Wars for me!” which is silly.  First of all, man that was a fun movie. But not everyone cares for Space Opera, so I understand.  Secondly – no one cares that you don’t care!  I don’t sit on Facebook or whatever and complain about how boring football season is.  I ignore it and move on.

Lastly, I am excited that Peridot is officially a Crystal Gem. Her standing up to Yellow Diamond was the pinnacle of her character for me.

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