The Last

A new year tomorrow.  This year has been unique – we’ve been able to stay in one home for the whole of it, with no danger of being forced out.  So that’s been nice.  There’s some pretty big stuff coming in 2016 for us as well, which I’ll get into next year (see what I did there).

I think the word best describing my 2015 has been asleep.  That’s how I’ve felt through much of it, with all it’s trainings and assignments – it’s felt as though I’ve been asleep.  I’d like very much to wake up, but it’s hard to do.  This hasn’t been a particularly restful break.

It has been a break though. It’s been two weeks of nothing too terribly important to be done, and that’s been nice.  I’m excited to see my students on Monday, but I’m not excited for the tidal wave of paperwork and nonsense it brings.  If I could come in each day and be a teacher, that would be very nice.  There is far too much getting in the way.

After break, we are going to have research and book reports and Rube Goldberg Devices, so that will be nice.  I do love my school.

Christmas was a large affair again, and I got some terrific gifts this year.  A nice watch, which I have wanted for years.  Smiles from my wife and kids.  A tumbling composter – I am so excited to be able to compost the vegetable peelings again, it’s probably not understood by normal humans.  All the rotten veggies from the fridge have tumbled already!

I need to find some brown to shove in, but I think we’ll have a good batch brewing away in no time.

Sam got an iPad, which has seen most of its use by Zachary.  Zachary has gotten a 3DS which has seen most of its use by Sam and myself, so it all evens out.  Lucy has been slowly breaking everything she’s gotten.

Snowshoes were one of her favorite new items, a gift from Aunt Missy.  They have seen heavy use now that the snow has finally fallen.  I am debating saving my Christmas money or using it to buy my own pair.  It’s exciting that Lucy loves being outside.

And I love being outside.  It is continuing to be a struggle working indoors all day, and having a challenge getting the kids outside more often.  It’ll be harder since the populace is allergic to cold.

Tomorrow I am making bean soup and collard greens.  Mom would be proud.

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