It finally happened.  My will was broken by my usual illness of aching legs and a sore throat.  It happens.  I missed the puking, I missed the colds, I missed the running noses.  I can’t swallow on one half of my throat.  The other half is fine. I’ve been cutting all my food in half. […]

The First

Last night did not treat me well.  Despite abstaining from any revelry, I am exhausted today.  Instead of fun and drink, anxiety and insomnia struck me with their terrible, terrible hands.  I’m trying not to let my anxiety creep up on me, but it’s pretty hard to do.  Not much sleep. Today is the first […]

The Last

A new year tomorrow.  This year has been unique – we’ve been able to stay in one home for the whole of it, with no danger of being forced out.  So that’s been nice.  There’s some pretty big stuff coming in 2016 for us as well, which I’ll get into next year (see what I […]