I had two long drives this weekend.  Which gave me a lot to think about (sidenote: Every Time I Drive, I think about “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and consider the scythes Sal and Dean used against the countryside – and misquote Sal thinking about barrelling a million miles an hour across that terrible land).  I was going to Facebook post, but I thought about a lot of stuff and had a lot of stuff happen.

There’s a ton of political fervor going on, and I’m very much thinking it’s time to tune it out.  This is a man with a bumper sticker on his truck for a certain candidate.  But, if I am very honest with myself, I have been caught up in rhetoric and vitriol and I already know who I will be voting for in over a year.

I thought about how very tired I am of being overweight, but how very tired I am in regards to doing anything about it.

I considered for a long while how liberating it would be to not have to worry about health insurance.

I considered for a long while how upsetting it is I can’t watch “The Flash” on TV.

I considered for a long while how much I love my job, and how careful I am not to let it take up too much of my life – which is a challenging bit of business.

I’ve said this before – but people really just want to live their lives without anyone bothering them about nonsense.  I mean, really, all I want is to have a place to go each day where I feel purposeful and friends to spend time with afterwards, and a place to raise my family that’s safe.

I’d also like to go to Iceland, but, whatever happens.

Also, it’s funny how many people will “like” an incredibly vague and untrue post on Facebook.

Also, The Lego Movie was a triumph of modern cinema.  Casting Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as Green Lantern and Superman was no doubt due to Lord and Miller’s involvement – but those two are an incredible comedy team and I would watch a ## Jump Street movie with them any day of the week, because they are hilarious and fun to watch.

Plus, I really like the message that everyone is special, but special in their own way.

Oh, I also thought about how we need to make hot chocolate in my classroom because the 6th graders are going to study Mexico.

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