Red River Gorge

Well, Mammoth Cave was interesting.  Not many tours for the kiddos, but we had a good time at the Jellystone Campground – that’s right, we left the regular style campground and hit up a Jellystone.  The kids had a blast and we enjoyed some more sites.  But we had caved all we wished, so we hit the road yesterday to see what we could find.

Sam recalled a natural arch in her youth, so we found “Natural Bridge” and headed East.  After ending up at a National Forest administration station, we trekked over to Natural Bridge State Park and were fortunate to get a room at the lodge.  Which is on the side of a mountain.  And its amazing.

Last night, we swam a bit in the pool here which lets you stare up at the rocky cliff the lodge sits upon and today we hiked up to the bridge and looked off into the distance of rolling green hills.  The view from our room is forests and hills, and everything here has been beautiful – we’ve not even been here 24 hours.  One more night here, and then we head north again.

Today’s hike saw snails and snakes – a snake we haven’t properly identified, yet.  It could be a rat snake.  Or a rattlesnake.  In fact, a woman was bitten by a rattlesnake today on the trail.  Sam overheard the ruckus on the lodge phones.  I was very close to a baby snake – close to venom perhaps.  It’s fairly terrifying in hindsight.

So, we’ve had quite a road trip, and we’re having a lovely time.  Zach and Lucy were great on the hike, though Zach made it very clear that hiking is not an activity he enjoys.  He wants to stay in the room designing Mixels.  Lucy’s legs got tired, but she was ready to hike parentless very quickly.  We’re having fun.

So, we

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